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The purge: Israel gives African migrants two options: leave or jail

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Preserving Jewishness

Maintaining Jewish religious and cultural identity, as well as restoring a decimated Jewish population became paramount after World War II. During the global conflict, millions were killed in Nazi concentration camps.

Orthodox Jewish men walk in Jerusalem. Photo credit: Arno Smit

Once the war ended, the British earmarked a portion of Palestine territory for Jews to establish a national home. According to Jewish history, the area was their ancestral home, but were forced to leave under persecution. However, in 1948, a mostly Arab population lived there.

Over time, Israel became a haven and significant heritage site for Jews. It is a place for Jewish diaspora and to preserve jewish culture. As they settled and became the majority, millions of Palestinians fled or were dispelled by growing Israeli populations.

While the laws bolster the protection of Jewish culture, there is a glaring issue of gross racial disparities.

Even, the historical Ethiopian Jews who live in Israel face hostilities. Complaints of police brutality and a host of inequalities such as poverty, homeless and disproportionately high incarceration rates plague the community that shares the same religion.  

According to Black Agenda Report, Africans make up 90 percent of Israel’s prison population.

Nonetheless, Africans have became a part of the Israel-Palestine society. Mostly concentrated in South Tel Aviv, the population of migrants make a living earning low wages in the service sector.

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