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Israeli government passes neo-Apartheid law granting Jewish-only rights

in World Affairs by

Retractors of new law says that Israeli Administration’s declaration of a “nation-state of the Jewish people” is racist and discriminatory.

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Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ statements backfire in lawsuit challenging TPS removal

in Government & Policy/Immigration & Migration by

Lawsuit filed by Haitian and Salvadoran immigrants given nod to move forward.

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How to get away with ghost guns? 3D printed firearms

in Government & Policy by

Landmark ruling allows for the legal distribution of firearm blueprints online.

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Baby Dolls of New Orleans, a century-old tradition revisited

in Ark Weekender/Arts & Culture/Highlights by

Book on Baby Doll masking, explores the modern resurgence of a woman-powered, Mardi Gras, New Orleans tradition. Its subsequent fundraiser promotes literacy and community in the Crescent City.

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Congressional member continues to question FBI about Black Identity Extremism

in Government & Policy/Highlights/Race and Ethnicity by

A California congressperson wants to know, what exactly is Black Identity Extremism, and who is being targeted?

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East African deportee takes life while being transported back to home country

in Africa & the Diaspora by

Deaths in immigrant detention centers rise as immigration policy under the Trump Administration continues to show zero tolerance towards humane conditions and treatment.

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Activists ask Nelson Mandela Foundation to rescind Barack Obama’s invitation to speak

in Africa & the Diaspora by

International organization focusing on war and terror says Barack Obama’s speaking engagement at annual lecture is direct opposite of the violent legacy left in Africa during his tenure as US president.

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