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Haitian demonstrators continue intensified protests after fuel hike announcement

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Protesters continue to demonstrate on the streets of Haiti in response to a proposed fuel hike made by the government. The increase was to help pay back money loaned to Haiti by the International Monetary Fund.

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Congressional member continues to question FBI about Black Identity Extremism

in Government & Policy/Race and Ethnicity by

A California congressperson wants to know, what exactly is Black Identity Extremism, and who is being targeted?

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East African deportee takes life while being transported back to home country

in Africa & the Diaspora/Immigration & Migration by

Deaths in immigrant detention centers rise as immigration policy under the Trump Administration continues to show zero tolerance towards humane conditions and treatment.

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Activists ask Nelson Mandela Foundation to rescind Barack Obama’s invitation to speak

in Africa & the Diaspora by

International organization focusing on war and terror says Barack Obama’s speaking engagement at annual lecture is direct opposite of the violent legacy left in Africa during his tenure as US president.

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Atlanta’s mayor stops city from housing ICE detainees

in Government & Policy/Immigration & Migration by

Refusing to participate in the zero tolerance policy, Atlanta’s mayor says “no” to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees, while encouraging other cities to follow.

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Silenced in the city: New Orleans residents want more accountability, and to be heard

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Residents in New Orleans still navigate the difficult terrain of rebuilding and fair treatment years after levees failed.

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The People versus POTUS: Public outrage grows against family separation policies in immigration detention cases

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As more information on the treatment of undocumented immigrant children in detention centers emerge, nationwide opposition towards the Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy increases.

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