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Mental health is real: Two high profile suicides within days of each other, rock food and fashion industry

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways/Health & Wellness by

In three days, two deaths occurred with people whom the public thought were living their best lives. Now more people are making mental health a priority in public discussion.

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Kneeling protests on the White House lawn during the national anthem bucks POTUS’ angst in ’take a knee’ stance

in Politics & Social Justice by

You can take the protesters out of the demonstration, but you cannot take the demonstration out of the protesters. Attendees at White House event snubbed Trump and took a knee.

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Barbados’ first female PM must deal with an economic crisis

in Caribbean by

Sworn into office on May 25, Mia Mottley, the island-nation’s first female Prime Minister, soon discovered that the financial health of Barbados was worse than initially reported.

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Guatemalan volcanic eruption increases fears of the “Ring of Fire”

in Crisis & Natural Disasters/Latin America by

Authorities scramble to rescue people trapped under the remains of one of Central America’s largest volcanic eruptions in decades. Others wonder if this is the beginning of the “ring of fire.”

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No Cop Academy protests ratchet up, shut down a Rahm Emmanuel event

in Politics & Social Justice by

Chicago residents push back on city plans to build a multi-million dollar police and fire training academy.

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Mother’s Day Protest in Nicaragua turns bloody

in Latin America by

Six weeks of demonstrations with violent encounters of police continues. More reported deaths during a Mother’s Day march incite outcries of Human Rights violations.

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Black woman motorist found dead in Texas jail: Family seeks justice as different stories unfold

in Politics & Social Justice by

Family of 22-year-old mother who died while in police custody after car accident demands the truth. The incident raises questions if Texas jails have changed since the death of Sandra Bland.

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FBI urges Internet users to reboot routers to deter global hacking efforts

in Security and Conflict by

As increasing cyber attacks to national security make networks more vulnerable, the Feds ask Internet users to restart routers to throw off aggressive, damaging hacking efforts.

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Power to Privacy: EU data regulation updates privacy control of users around the world

in Business & Technology/Government & Policy by

New privacy rules give users of apps and online services more agency to control how their data can be used, or if it can be used at all.

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