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No Cop Academy protests ratchet up, shut down a Rahm Emmanuel event

in Politics & Social Justice by

Chicago residents push back on city plans to build a multi-million dollar police and fire training academy.

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Mother’s Day Protest in Nicaragua turns bloody

in Latin America by

Six weeks of demonstrations with violent encounters of police continues. More reported deaths during a Mother’s Day march incite outcries of Human Rights violations.

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Black woman motorist found dead in Texas jail: Family seeks justice as different stories unfold

in Politics & Social Justice by

Family of 22-year-old mother who died while in police custody after car accident demands the truth. The incident raises questions if Texas jails have changed since the death of Sandra Bland.

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FBI urges Internet users to reboot routers to deter global hacking efforts

in Security and Conflict by

As increasing cyber attacks to national security make networks more vulnerable, the Feds ask Internet users to restart routers to throw off aggressive, damaging hacking efforts.

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Power to Privacy: EU data regulation updates privacy control of users around the world

in Business & Technology/Government & Policy by

New privacy rules give users of apps and online services more agency to control how their data can be used, or if it can be used at all.

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#NativeVote18: First Nation peoples running for elected offices in record numbers

in Politics & Social Justice by

Since the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and election of Donald Trump, the participation of Native people in electoral politics has increased.

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Peaceful protests by NFL players will be met with fines according to new national anthem policy

in Entertainment & Sports/Politics & Social Justice by

NFL will now fine any personnel who does not comply with new national anthem policy.

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Ark Republic participates in API Thought Leader Summit

in Ark Republic by

Ark Republic participated in the American Press Institute’s invite-only Thought Leader Summit last week in Arlington, Va.

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Career ‘Signing Day’ for high school students shows vocational jobs have a strong future in U.S. economy

in Career & Retirement by

Henrico County Public Schools decided to recognize high school students who decided to enter into a trade employment after graduation.

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Bees in the Trap: Urban beekeeping brings jobs, ramps up in honey production

in Agriculture & Urban Farming/Highlights by

Beekeeping is a time-honored craft. Beyond hipster giggles and Pinterest posts, beekeeping sustains life. And not just for making honey, but cultivating a critical part of producing the world’s food.

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