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Vitamin K: How an episode of Boondocks on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. foretold how much we lost our moral fiber | Think Piece

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“What happened? What happened to our people Huey?”

If Martin Luther King were alive today, what would he say?

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How Jamel Shabazz used his art as a tool to inspire and transform the conditions of oppressed people

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In the final installment of a two-part series, photographer Jamel Shabazz shares how he continues to build through his art.

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The Ark week in review: a roundup of the week’s most important news

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Political Prisoner Freed

Former Black Liberation Army member, Herman Bell, was granted parole after serving 45 years in prison for the deaths New York City police officers Joseph A. Piagentini and Waverly M. Jones. Both officers were fatally shot outside a housing project in Harlem in 1971.

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Poor righteous documents: legendary photographer and educator, Jamel Shabazz, pt. 1

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Iconic photographer and pioneer of street style photography, Jamel Shabazz, builds with Ark Republic on his purpose and the power of photography as a medium.

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Intelligent hoodlum, pt. 1

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The Intelligent Hoodlum relates to the streets
Cause the past stays on my back to remind me
Intelligence is what you gain when you find me…
          —Intelligent Hoodlum (aka Tragedy Khadafi), Intelligent Hoodlum (1990)
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