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iLucha Sí: Fight for public education in Puerto Rico | Film Documentary

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An excerpt from the documentary, “iLucha Sí,” filmed by award-winning documentarian, Jennifer Wager, follows the fight over the control of Puerto Rico’s educational system following the island’s recovery from the devastation experienced by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

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Teachers’ Federation of Puerto Rico relentless in ongoing battle to save public schools, rebuilding the island

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After two major hurricanes, Puerto Rico was left to rebuild its infrastructure and institutions. Discontinuing public education has been on the agenda, but local teachers continue to fiercely fend off privatizing local schools.

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Amazon’s Next Colony: People Get Ready for Prime Gentrification | Think Piece

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Narrowed down from a list of about 20 supplicant cities, the reality of Amazon’s second headquarters in North America, dubbed “HQ2,” boils down to two front runners Montgomery County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and Newark, New Jersey, on the edge of New York City. Now what does that mean?

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Puerto Ricans push back against the privatization of schools

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In the midst of residents picking up the pieces of their lives from the rumble of two category 5 hurricanes, they find themselves in another storm — fighting the looming possibility of the privatization of their schools.

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