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Kaia Niambi Shivers

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San Francisco chef uses pop ups to preserve and educate the deeper, darker sides of America’s culinary history

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways/Highlights by

For Chef Wanda Blake, cooking is more than a trade, it is a spiritual calling to preserve and teach a tradition often homogenized under the term “soul food.” Her pop ups show the complexities of Black cooks in America, and the growing initiative to maintain their culinary history.

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The ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ is dead: Women continue to run for office in record numbers

in Highlights/Politics & Social Justice by

Women are running in record numbers. This is what it looks like.

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Film stylist and image strategist, Nia Hooper-Mason, cultivates sisterhood in consulting

in Fashion & Jewelry/Feature by

From Brooklyn to Hollywood then back home, a career in styling never prevents Nia Hooper-Mason from growing her tribe.

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For Hawwa Muhammad, good works organizations are the lifeblood of communities: She makes sure that they thrive

in Career & Retirement by

For many non-profits, completing projects or navigating solutions with a sustainable model are the heart of growth. This is where the non-profit whisperer, Hawwa Muhammaed comes in.

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China-Africa economic relations continue to grow in billion dollar city development

in Africa & the Diaspora by

Chinese investment group plans to build a $7 billion city for tourists in Zimbabwe

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A seat at the table: An interview with emcee-turned-political candidate, Dupré Kelly

in Highlights/Politics & Social Justice by

A Newark, New Jersey hip hop artist from the Golden Age of Hip Hop takes on politics as a candidate in the fiercely competitive Council-At-Large position in the upcoming May 8 elections.

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Angeleno digs into roots to revitalize the southern social culture of juke joints

in Cannabis/Entertainment & Sports/Highlights by

Los Angeles local pushes against growing invisibility of black culture and communities by resurrecting a southern tradition transported by black migrants.

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Facebook takes another “L”

in Feature/Privacy & Surveillance by

Federal Judge allows class action lawsuit against Facebook to proceed

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Black men awaiting business meeting at Starbucks arrested for trespassing

in Feature/Food & Drink/Race and Ethnicity by

Protests and talks of boycotts ensue as Starbucks offers an apology while investigating incident

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Millennial Yoruba priestess launches peer-to-peer virtual marketplace | Podcast

in Africa & the Diaspora/Business & Technology/Feature/Highlights by

Forty-two miles from Silicon Valley, social entrepreneur, Alafia Stewart, fields calls and emails for her freshly launched platform, Juju Square, an online peer-to-peer spiritual supply shop for those who practice or express interest in African traditional and diaspora religions.

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