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You gotta have faith: Islamic and Jewish groups opened their doors to the poor and tired during Hurricane Harvey

in Crisis & Natural Disasters/Hurricane Trifecta/Major Collaborative Project by

In the Bible Belt, non-Christian, faith-based groups used their doctrines of goodwill to participate in rescue and relief efforts during and after Hurricane Harvey, even when a major church closed its doors to its congregation.

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Soulful and infectious reflections of Ethiopian food and music

in Africa & the Diaspora/Ark Weekender by

As more Ethiopians immigrate to the US, their culture blooms while retaining its unique identity.

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Get Your Java On: Best of POC coffeeshops Central region

in Ark Weekender/Lifestyle & Travel by

Something as a simple cup of coffee can draw a fine line between recharging your batteries or being escorted out of a Starbucks in handcuffs.

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The future of Trenton’s annual arts festival is brought to question in rise of recent shooting

in Arts & Culture by

A deadly gunfight in the middle of the most attended art fest in Trenton leaves a shaken city that has been working to regain footing from years of instability.

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