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Black men awaiting business meeting at Starbucks arrested for trespassing

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Protests and talks of boycotts ensue as Starbucks offers an apology while investigating incident

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Ooh baby I like it raw: 4 benefits of oysters

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Let’s talk about the benefits of oysters, whether eaten raw, grilled, seared, fried or as soup base, there is a way to consume and give back to earth:

1. Oyster shells make excellent compost and used as fertilizer for gardens

2. Oysters in garden patches are buried to keep moles and other rodents who create complex underground systems, away from your produce.

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Chestnuts, a Portuguese street food

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“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …” are far from a dreamy, magical romantic Christmas night. In Portugal, chestnuts are a staple.

Roasted chestnuts are popular street food sold around November, when Dia de São Martinho (St. Martin’s Day) is celebrated across the country on November 11th. Traditionally, newly harvested chestnuts are eaten around a bonfire that date and the treat is eaten during the autumn season.

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