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Race and Ethnicity

Black Yale grad student records police interrogation for napping in a common dormitory room

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A Black graduate student fell asleep in the common area of her dormitory. She awoke to a racially charged encounter, but invoked a promise she made to herself after seeing what happened to motorist Sandra Bland years before in a Texas traffic stop.

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Years-long campaign victorious in removal of Central Park statue of slave owning scientist

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New York City’s Design Commission approved the removal of the statue of James Marion Sims located in Central Park

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Black men awaiting business meeting at Starbucks arrested for trespassing

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Protests and talks of boycotts ensue as Starbucks offers an apology while investigating incident

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Republican senator comes under fire after “Swahili” reference during Facebook hearings

in Privacy & Surveillance/Race and Ethnicity by

John Kennedy: “I have nothing to apologize for.”

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UAlbany alumna creates website to support Black girls who are first-generation college students

in Africa & the Diaspora/Education & Healthcare/Highlights/Race and Ethnicity by

Monica N. Britton is quick to acknowledge the love and encouragement she received from her parents during her years as an undergraduate student at the University at Albany.

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Can we claim Wakanda? Race, writings, and the 2020 Census | Think Piece

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How recent publications on race can help us think through the U.S. Census changes.

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