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Ireland set to vote on historic abortion referendum

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In one of the most conservative European countries on reproductive rights, Ireland will vote on a woman’s right to choose.

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Hindu Holi festival welcomes spring with colorful rituals in India

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Holi festival, the most anticipated festival in India, marks the beginning of spring.

A two-part Hindu celebration that is synchronized with the moon and held shortly after lunar new year, it divides into the nightly ritual of purification, the Holika Dahan and the daytime carnivalesque fete, Rangwali Holi.

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Welcome to a botanica: a priestess explains an African traditional spiritual system

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Yeyeo Botanica is narrow shop shaped like a railroad car that is quietly tucked between a women’s store and stationary depot that burns incense and plays house music all day.

All day, people walk-in-and-out, leaving with bags of botanical items from soap to stones to feather. In the front, you might be greeted by Elemi Gayle’s clerk, a woman who has as many stories as her vivacious personality. In the back, on some days, you catch a glimpse of the owner, Gayle, who often is consulting someone or checking inventory.

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