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Senegalese groups called for administration to disinvite global pop star

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30 religious organizations called authorities to block Bajan singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty from entering the country last week.

They allege that the singer, commonly known as Rihanna, promotes homosexuality  and is a member of a security society group that controls the world called, the Illuminati.

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Russians use a legal back door to US citizenship, a baby boom in Miami

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This is the type of story that you cannot make up, or even exaggerate because it is so fantastical.

NBC news reports a tourism boom in Russia that arranges for expecting Russian mothers to nest in luxurious hotels until they give birth. Some of the top lodging advertised by Russian agencies is from the Donald Trump brand.

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The purge: Israel gives African migrants two options – leave or jail

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Israeli right-wing dominant government works to remove African refugees.

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Green movement in Johannesburg sparks an urban African economic revolution

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Like wisps of hair sparsely scattered on the crown of an old man, the roof tops of high rises in Johannesburg slowly grow green hair. Ushering in “a green rush,” the city answers to budding concerns of food, urban development and job security.

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African migrants saved from Libyan Slave Trade return with HIV, PTSD

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Nigerian officials discover that a number of African migrants sent back from Libya have tested positive for HIV, prompting a massive recall of returnees.

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Evolution of cornbread

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Cornbread is a staple in the US cuisine. The journey of it becoming an important dish transports cornbread between Africans, Natives and colonies of the Americas.

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Spike in suicides for African migrant workers in the Middle East

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Ugandan government halts the migration of citizens to Oman due to a surge of suicides of nationals working there.

Now a growing number of Ugandans return to their home country with reports of abuse by employers including rape, torture and long hours of grueling labor. In 2016, a parliamentary report documented the deaths of 48 Ugandans – 34 by suicide – in the Middle East since January 2017.

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