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Luxuriating in the mess: The desensitized reality of tourists locale in regions devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma | Podcast

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In this special podcast by “The Night Drive,” with host Nobi DeLon, the discussion between four world-traveling panelists focused on the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and how vacationers can hold some accountability in rebuilding areas devastated by natural disasters. This dialogue asks, “How can tourists reconsider being a responsible traveler?”

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Neighbor calls cops on a group of mostly Black AirBnb guests: One of them happened to be Bob Marley’s granddaughter

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AirBnb still grapples with racism, but shows the ongoing issue of the profiling of Black people.

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AirBnb gentrification: the not-so-sharing economy

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When AirBnb launched the age-old idea of swapping housing or privately renting out quarters via a digital app, it was a revolutionary economic act.

Now as the short term rental industry expands, the complexions of cities change. On one hand, residents must share space for those looking for an “authentic” experience. In another light, renters who grew AirBnB must compete with aggressive property owners and real estate developers.

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Fragile economy force seniors to get creative

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The growing costs of healthcare and living expenses force many elders and retirees to enter back into the economy; however, age and limited physical abilities narrow the ways in which they can make money.

Trends see seniors using the sharing economy of hosting to supplement retirement income. AirBnB, the popular private short-term renting, hospitality service reports an increase of hosts 50 years and older in Europe and America.

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