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Keep calm, drink on: Best of POC coffeeshops South Central region

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“Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning,” croons singer Miguel when he gave a new meaning to coffee, in his song with same name. Coffee, without a doubt, gives people the energy that they need after hard nights and deep sleeps, but who supplies this legal high?

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SEC deposes Jay Z on the sale of Rocawear: Other difficult business dealings emerge

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“Hard Knock Life” rapper, Jay Z once said in a verse, “I’m a business man.” Now the artist must show how business savvy he can be in SEC deposition and navigating a streaming service set up to empower artists.

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Beychella and the state of HBCUs | Think Piece

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How the recent performance of Beyoncé Knowles made a powerful intersection of black power, black celebrity and HBCUs.

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