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Definition of a B-Girl: Seven minutes with hip hop icon, Roxanne Shante

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Ark Republic sat down with iconic old school, b-girl, Roxanne Shante to talk about aspects of her life rarely covered since her resurgence in the entertainment industry with the release of a Netflix film based on her life, Roxanne Roxanne.

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Woolworth’s to Waffle House: Black women, food service, and a history of refusal

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On the same day Travis Reinking shot four people to death, including one Black woman in a Tennessee Waffle House, disturbing cellphone footage circulated on social media of 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons being wrestled to the floor and threatened by uniformed police officers in a Saraland, Alabama Waffle House.

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Years-long campaign victorious in removal of Central Park statue of slave owning scientist

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New York City’s Design Commission approved the removal of the statue of James Marion Sims located in Central Park

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Have journalists learned nothing from 2016

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Oprah gave a dope acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony. The fact that we now have a national conversation about her fitness for the Presidency says more about the news media than it does about her.

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Virginia’s wall against Trump grows stronger: Charlottesville elects first black woman mayor

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Charlottesville mayor-elect, Nakuyah Walker.

“Tiki Torch Bearers Beware” should be a billboard posted in the entry of Charlottesville, Va.

The next time white nationalists consider bombarding the city with a racist-based campaign, they will realize that they just put a black woman in office with locs to change a fractured city.

Last week, Charlottesville made history with two firsts. The city’s voters elected their first independent who is also the first African American female mayor, Nakuyah Walker.

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Dallas chief of police starts tenure with major reorganization

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Months after being appointed the first female Chief of Police in Dallas, Renee Hall implemented a complete departmental reorganization.

Shifting responsibilities and adding what she says is a more flexible structure, Chief Hall says her plans put service first and the will improve the quality of police response to citizens.

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Black women, food and power: 5 women evangelizing food entrepreneurship

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From scholarship to grassroots movements, African American women are exercising agency to feed communities. It’s a heritage thing.

When our foremothers exited enslavement, they walked into the question of survival. Food was often the answer.

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Thoughts on Alabama

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Three generations ago, blacks in Birmingham boycotted public transportation due to its segregation laws, and more so, the sadistic way in which whites regulated African Americans under Jim Crow rule.

Still, the spirits of four black girls whose lives were taken in the 16th Street Baptist Church Birmingham bombing, haunt the city.

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