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Kamala Harris backs Booker’s restorative justice legislation legalizing marijuana

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“By passing this act, it will prevent the United States Department of Justice coming into our states and enforcing laws that we have decided are unjust and unfair,” said Kamala Harris.

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Compton’s water woes resurface

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Last week, residents of Compton complained of murky water coming from their faucets. Although city officials say that the water is fine, its’ citizens refuse to drink it.

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California cannot catch a break with mother nature: deadly December wildfires, followed by killer January mudslides

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Rain is a gift and curse in Southern California.

And if they say it never rains in the area, they lied.

This time, torrential rains from the first major winter storm, flooded the area then caused mudslides that left 17 people dead, hundreds evacuated and over 300 properties destroyed.

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Shake, rattle and roll: Earthquake jolts Bay Area

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San Franciso. Photo credit: Rezaul Karim

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake awakened Bay Area residents earlier this morning.

Centered along the Oakland-Berkeley border by the Hayward fault is an area seismologists concern with being disturbed.

Although the degree of the quake will not cause major damage, a stronger shake in the heavily populated area is feared. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the population living on top of the Hayward fault line are at risks 100 times greater than the last major earthquake to hit in 1868. During that time, a 6.8 quake destroyed a number of buildings and killed 30 people.

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Southern California wildfires threaten affluent neighborhoods

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University of California, Los Angeles, the Getty Museum and Dr. Dre all have one thing in common—blazes from several major fires threaten to burn their homes and businesses.

Reports show hillsides cascading in intense flames along the highway and into affluent neighborhoods on the west side of Los Angeles, as a freak wildfire burns out-of-contrl. People woke up to ash covering their cars and lawns as emergency workers attempt to temper fires.

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Southern California county fights wildfire

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Southern California wildfires rage through Ventura County, searing 50,000 acres.

In early fall, northern California burned leaving billions of dollars in damage. With 17 fires igniting in 24 hours, the state pulled firefighters throughout the state, and even enlisted the help of incarcerated women and men who were paid $1 a day.

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