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China-Africa economic relations continue to grow in billion dollar city development

in Africa & the Diaspora by

Chinese investment group plans to build a $7 billion city for tourists in Zimbabwe

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Chinese social media platform Weibo bans then un-bans LGBT content

in Asia/Government & Policy by

Last Friday, Chinese social media company, Sina Weibo, announced that it would be completing a three-month cleanup of its online platform targeting violent and sexually graphic content.

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Silk Road 3.0: China’s growing global transportation network

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From sea to land, China’s assertive push in transportation boosts their connections to the world with so much efficiency that experts call it the new Silk Road.

According to Quartz media, China is investing $3 trillion on roads, ports, and other important aspects of infrastructure to connect it to 60 countries in three continents in its “One Belt, One Road,” project.

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