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SEC deposes Jay Z on the sale of Rocawear: Other difficult business dealings emerge

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“Hard Knock Life” rapper, Jay Z once said in a verse, “I’m a business man.” Now the artist must show how business savvy he can be in SEC deposition and navigating a streaming service set up to empower artists.

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Korean cryptocurrency exchange files for bankruptcy after second hacking

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Earlier this year, Youbit, a South Korean exchange company was hacked and lost 4,000 of its digital coins. This morning at 4:35am, they announced a second hacking with allegations placing North Korea as the culprit.

Now with severe losses and their currency marked down to 75% of their value, Youbit will file for bankruptcy and plan to shut down.

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Bitcoin ticks up again

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Early Monday, the nascent and highly popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, almost reached the $20,000 mark before slipping back to around $19,000.

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based currencies and payment that does not require banks to process payments. Unlike other traditional currency, the central bank does not hold cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin bumps up again

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This Sunday, Bitcoin futures went live for the first-time and shot up over $1,000 to now $17,000. The increasingly popular virtual currency made its debut on a major US exchange on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, a Chicago-based group.

The buyer-seller frenzy shut down the company’s website.

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The rise of cryptopcurrency

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In 2010, my wife-to-be wanted to invest before we married. She thought we should buy a dollar house in Detroit, while I suggested investing in currency, both old and new.

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