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Kamala Harris backs Booker’s restorative justice legislation legalizing marijuana

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“By passing this act, it will prevent the United States Department of Justice coming into our states and enforcing laws that we have decided are unjust and unfair,” said Kamala Harris.

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The ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ is dead: Women continue to run for office in record numbers

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Women are running in record numbers. This is what it looks like.

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US Administration considers plan to drug test some food stamp recipients

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A plan under review by Donald Trump’s administration would allow states to require a percentage of food stamp recipients to undergo mandatory drug testing, the Associated Press reported.

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Reflections on Oprah for president | Think Piece

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KNOCK. IT. OFF. You know good and well that #Oprah2020 is a terrible idea that must not be given any more life.

And no, I am not about to launch into a personal attack on Oprah. Some of y’all get too excited about attacking Black women. Comin’ for Oprah’s neck like she announced she was running.

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High visibility, low probability: Oprah’s name carries weight, but POTUS might not be a life goal

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I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey will run because she respects the process of government and knows that it is not her lane.

But her endorsement carries a lot of weight. 

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As Cynthia is for Oprah: how we fail powerful black women who break the mold

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For years, I rarely told people that I worked for US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

At first, it was because I was concerned for my safety. Then I feared for my reputation. And after those feelings dissipated, I was embarrassed because I failed her, and in ways failed me.

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Have journalists learned nothing from 2016

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Oprah gave a dope acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony. The fact that we now have a national conversation about her fitness for the Presidency says more about the news media than it does about her.

I suppose it was a welcome diversion from obsessing over Donald Trump’s latest confounding utterance or chronicling the buckling of our democratic norms.

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Trump signs MLK proclamation, reporter asks ‘are you a racist?’

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Washington, DC. — One day after dehumanizing remarks made by President Donald Trump, he signed a proclamation for the federal holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

Reporters questioned his comments prior sordid comments.

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Bipartisanship plans for governors elect of Alabama, Virginia

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The historic Democrat gubernatorial wins in Alabama and Virginia, now have supporters somewhat confused about the political leanings of Doug Jones and Ralph Northam.

Not even sworn in, Jones and Northam raise alarm in speaking on future strategies, in recent interview.

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Complaints of voter suppression in Alabama’s senate race

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Today, the recipe for voter suppression wafts the air at polling stations.

From purging voter rolls to police intimidation are reports coming in from Alabama.

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