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China-Africa economic relations continue to grow in billion dollar city development

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Chinese investment group plans to build a $7 billion city for tourists in Zimbabwe

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Silk Road 3.0: China’s growing global transportation network

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From sea to land, China’s assertive push in transportation boosts their connections to the world with so much efficiency that experts call it the new Silk Road.

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Economic issues draw protests in Iran

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Photo credit: Aditya Saxena

Since last week, demonstrations took place in Tehran to protest rising economic issues.

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A lifelong commitment advocating for communities transcends a successful career in non-profit

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LaVar Young sits in the corner of Vonda’s Kitchen,  a soul food restaurant in the Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey, demanding calmness and power with an unpretentious, cool demeanor.

That is until you mention two triggers: education or fatherhood.

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Caribbean fisherfolk, Japan partner in fisheries project

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Photo credit: Geoffrey Smith

CARICOM, a group of Caribbean communities working to strengthen the economic impact of fifteen islands, recently facilitated meetings for a five-year pilot initiative, the Caribbean Fisheries Co-Management Project (CARIFO).

CARIFCO partners Japan with fisherfolk on several islands to source and manage fisheries responsibly. The project launched in 2013.



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The tech takeover points to Africa

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Africa’s startup scene emerges, while (some in) Silicon Valley miss out.

According to Disrupt Africa, startups raised an estimated $129M in 2016. The numbers show growing African entrepreneurs using technology as a way to empower the continent, even when others still think that Africans live in huts.

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Pop-Up entrepreneurs bring balance to art industry, stimulate local economy

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The concept of a starving artist seemed problematic for Adrienne Johnson and Melody Short — especially when in 2013 the art market generated about US $64 billion. Both self-professed art aficionados see creatives as those who feed the souls of people. But, who feeds artists?

They began to tackle that question in 2011 when they launched ARTisan Café. Four years later, Johnson and Short’s startup is a template for cities to grow their economy using artists — and in turn, ARTisan Café operates as an incubator helping artists become more entrepreneurial.

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