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China-Africa economic relations continue to grow in billion dollar city development

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Chinese investment group plans to build a $7 billion city for tourists in Zimbabwe

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Puerto Ricans push back against the privatization of schools

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In the midst of residents picking up the pieces of their lives from the rumble of two category 5 hurricanes, they find themselves in another storm — fighting the looming possibility of the privatization of their schools.

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Koch network and Trump are bedfellows again

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David Koch at gala. In 2008, Koch donated $100 million to renovate the New York State Theater, which a portion of the outdoor space was renamed the David H. Koch Plaza in 2014.

A network of donors founded by billionaires CharlesFrancis de Ganahl and David Koch expressed their approval of Donald Trump at a gathering this weekend in Palm Springs, Calif.

With tax cuts staving off $1.5 trillion, the Koch brothers and followers, once reticent of Trump’s ability to influence policy, now welcome his leadership.

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Cape Town braces for severe water crisis

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Extreme drought conditions in Cape Town accelerate emergency plans by city officials preparing for a severe water shortage.

With less than three months of clean water in reservoirs of the Western Cape Region, Cape Town, the second-largest South African city, is headed to becoming the first major city to run completely out of usable water.

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US home prices climb, exceeds wage growth

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The average prices of homes rose 6.2 percent from a year ago, seeking a robust increase in real estate. However, price gains potentially see more residents staying as renters than buyers

With booming job markets in metro areas, home price increases are the steepest, but wage growth lags behind.

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Backers of blues destination replicate Antebellum South

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In Cleveland, Mississippi, a town in the Delta, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, sons of the POTUS, unveil a luxury, four-star hotel brand called, Scion, a building designed to replicate an antebellum plantation.

Three other hotels renovated, two Comfort Inns and a Rodeway Inn, will also be used in a venture to create an attraction that taps into blues enthusiasts who travel to the area to visit sites and juke joints where the musical genre, blues, originated.

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