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Trading her car for city transit took a commuter on a lifelong mission for better alternatives in transportation

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A close encounter with inequitable transportation in Los Angeles prompted Lark Lo to challenge the instability of the US infrastructure.

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Compton’s water woes resurface

in Environment & Ecology by

Last week, residents of Compton complained of murky water coming from their faucets. Although city officials say that the water is fine, its’ citizens refuse to drink it.

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Hindu Holi festival welcomes spring with colorful rituals in India

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Holi festival, the most anticipated festival in India, marks the beginning of spring.

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Cape Town water crisis will hit poor blacks, coloured populations hardest

in Africa & the Diaspora/Crisis & Natural Disasters by

The population most affected by the coming water shortage in Cape Town will be its poorest.

Mostly black and coloured (or mixed-race) South Africans living in squalor settlements outside of the city, already receive poor water, if any at all. Now they dread the coming scarcity as they fear that they will be blocked from the natural resource.

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Cape Town braces for severe water crisis

in Africa & the Diaspora/Crisis & Natural Disasters/Feature by

Extreme drought conditions in Cape Town accelerate emergency plans by city officials preparing for a severe water shortage.

With less than three months of clean water in reservoirs of the Western Cape Region, Cape Town, the second-largest South African city, is headed to becoming the first major city to run completely out of usable water.

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A Post-Christmas gift: build a wall … of holiday trees for Louisiana coastline

in Environment & Ecology by

After Christmas, thousands of trees sit curbside by its former owners without a destination, but the dumpster.

Now, good wood finds its home along the marshes of Louisiana to deal with the region’s severe coastal erosion. And the plan works.

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Dirty truth of Houston’s hurricane recovery

in Crisis & Natural Disasters by

The red tape of bureaucracy is one of many setbacks making Houston’s cleanup recovery, a slow and arduous process.

Still in the city, there are mounds of debris that need to be hauled. But after its hauling, the question of where to place the toxic trash is another unsolved issue.

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Newark works to curb gentrification, long road ahead

in Politics & Social Justice by

Working to curb gentrification, Newark’s City Council adopted inclusionary zoning ordinance mandating new projects with 30 or more residential units to set aside 20% affordable housing.

The city’s mayor, Ras Baraka has been pushing for more inclusionary policies from developers transforming the city with commercial and residential property that the average long-time resident cannot pay.

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