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Kamala Harris backs Booker’s restorative justice legislation legalizing marijuana

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“By passing this act, it will prevent the United States Department of Justice coming into our states and enforcing laws that we have decided are unjust and unfair,” said Kamala Harris.

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US Virgin Islands electricity almost back up, yet struggles with internet

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Like a tale of two islands, while Puerto Rico wrangles to establish electricity, the US Virgin Islands is almost restored.

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Seattle ICE lawyer charged with stealing immigrant IDs

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Raphael A. Sanchez, the chief counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Seattle has been arrested for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft of multiple immigrants.

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HUD Secretary thinks public housing residents should make their own repairs

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At a forum hosted by conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute, HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, offered a resolve to public housing on never-ending waiting lists for repairs—fix your broken toilets instead of waiting on landlords.

During his keynote address, at an event called, Prospects for Black America, Carson, suggests that a “make your own repairs” approach gives more agency to government housing residents.

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All American Pai: The FCC’s ‘Manchurian candidate’ leader

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The day before the vote by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that decided to repeal net neutrality, its Chairperson, Ajit Pai released a video filled with a satirical skit that mocks the consumer’s use of the Internet.

His awkward jokes fall flat even more, days before when the former Verizon employee quipped at an event that he was a “Verizon puppet” that was installed as FCC chairman like a “‘Manchurian Candidate.’”

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Equal employment opportunity commission goes digital, finally

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives about 10,000 complaints annually. Up until recently, processing claims were by phone calls, in-person office visits and snail mail, which created a backlog in the tens-of-thousands.

With the onslaught of sexual misconduct reports, the federal government announcing that it is going digital provides some relief for claims handlers and those who file.

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