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China-Africa economic relations continue to grow in billion dollar city development

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Chinese investment group plans to build a $7 billion city for tourists in Zimbabwe

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Silk Road 3.0: China’s growing global transportation network

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From sea to land, China’s assertive push in transportation boosts their connections to the world with so much efficiency that experts call it the new Silk Road.

According to Quartz media, China is investing $3 trillion on roads, ports, and other important aspects of infrastructure to connect it to 60 countries in three continents in its “One Belt, One Road,” project.

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U.S.-Russia relations grow tense at global security conference

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Tensions flared between Russia and U.S. at the Munich Security Conference, a global security forum held this weekend.

U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster defended the current Administration’s position to build more bombs after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov complained about the military expansions of the U.S.

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Colombia aids Venezuelans fleeing food, economic crisis

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Colombia has been hosting Venezuelans fleeing the country from a serious food shortage and economic crisis.

Since 2016, the neighboring Colombia offered visas to Venezuelans seeking refuge.

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Cape Town water crisis will hit poor blacks, coloured populations hardest

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The population most affected by the coming water shortage in Cape Town will be its poorest.

Mostly black and coloured (or mixed-race) South Africans living in squalor settlements outside of the city, already receive poor water, if any at all. Now they dread the coming scarcity as they fear that they will be blocked from the natural resource.

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Sudan mines over 100 tons of gold, plans to use in foreign currency

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Sudan’s gold rush in 2015 finally produces positive results.

In a statement, Sudanese minerals minister reported that aggressive mining initiatives extracted 103 tons of gold in the country bordering Egypt. The numbers show double the projected amount with plans to mine 110 tons in 2018.

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Green movement in Johannesburg sparks an urban African economic revolution

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Like wisps of hair sparsely scattered on the crown of an old man, the roof tops of high rises in Johannesburg slowly grow green hair. Ushering in “a green rush,” the city answers to budding concerns of food, urban development and job security.

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Caribbean fisherfolk, Japan partner in fisheries project

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Photo credit: Geoffrey Smith

CARICOM, a group of Caribbean communities working to strengthen the economic impact of fifteen islands, recently facilitated meetings for a five-year pilot initiative, the Caribbean Fisheries Co-Management Project (CARIFO).

CARIFCO partners Japan with fisherfolk on several islands to source and manage fisheries responsibly. The project launched in 2013.



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The tech takeover points to Africa

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Africa’s startup scene emerges, while (some in) Silicon Valley miss out.

According to Disrupt Africa, startups raised an estimated $129M in 2016. The numbers show growing African entrepreneurs using technology as a way to empower the continent, even when others still think that Africans live in huts.

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