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Exploring Black Thought’s streams of consciousness

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Black Thought reminds us that reading is still a fundamental part of living free or dying trying

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The talented Mr. Trotter: Black Thought’s streams of consciousness

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A few weeks ago, Black Thought interrupted hip hop’s whitest week ever.

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Kanye West, we just want you to make G.O.O.D music | Think Piece

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Brother West. Beloved. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.

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SEC deposes Jay Z on the sale of Rocawear: Other difficult business dealings emerge

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“Hard Knock Life” rapper, Jay Z once said in a verse, “I’m a business man.” Now the artist must show how business savvy he can be in SEC deposition and navigating a streaming service set up to empower artists.

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Damn: Like Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar is literary counterculture | Think Piece

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Hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar’s works are more than music, they are literary masterpieces

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Beychella and the state of HBCUs | Think Piece

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How the recent performance of Beyoncé Knowles made a powerful intersection of black power, black celebrity and HBCUs.

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A seat at the table: An interview with emcee-turned-political candidate, Dupré Kelly

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A Newark, New Jersey hip hop artist from the Golden Age of Hip Hop takes on politics as a candidate in the fiercely competitive Council-At-Large position in the upcoming May 8 elections.

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Poor righteous documents: legendary photographer and educator, Jamel Shabazz, pt. 1

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Iconic photographer and pioneer of street style photography, Jamel Shabazz, builds with Ark Republic on his purpose and the power of photography as a medium.

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To heal a people: An intersection of yoga and activism

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Kali Alexander, a yogini who grew up next door to Compton, says she makes the “woo woo” of yoga.

For years, Alexander gives a free class in the Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Mall every Saturday. The area of Los Angeles is a yoga desert that also deals with a plethora of fast-food and liquor stores. Bringing health and wellness to one of the last remaining African American pockets in the city is more than a passion for Kali. It is her calling.

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Intelligent hoodlum, pt. 1

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The Intelligent Hoodlum relates to the streets
Cause the past stays on my back to remind me
Intelligence is what you gain when you find me…
          —Intelligent Hoodlum (aka Tragedy Khadafi), Intelligent Hoodlum (1990)
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