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Neighbor calls cops on a group of mostly Black AirBnb guests: One of them happened to be Bob Marley’s granddaughter

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AirBnb still grapples with racism, but shows the ongoing issue of the profiling of Black people.

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Matito presents Only in L.A.: The best donuts in the free world

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I explored an important part of food culture in Los Angeles, the donut.

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‘Only in L.A.’ explores the extensive public transportation system of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles holds close to 4 million people and covers 468 square miles.

It sits in LA County, which holds 88 municipalities and covers ten times more terrain, about 4,750 square miles. While the city holds 3,976,322 people, the county’s population as of 2017 bumped up to 10 million inhabitants. Just how does a population of 10 million navigate the cityscapes of the Southern California basin?

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