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Kamala Harris backs Booker’s restorative justice legislation legalizing marijuana

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“By passing this act, it will prevent the United States Department of Justice coming into our states and enforcing laws that we have decided are unjust and unfair,” said Kamala Harris.

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Neighbor calls cops on a group of mostly Black AirBnb guests: One of them happened to be Bob Marley’s granddaughter

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AirBnb still grapples with racism, but shows the ongoing issue of the profiling of Black people.

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Angeleno digs into roots to revitalize the southern social culture of juke joints

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Los Angeles local pushes against growing invisibility of Black culture and communities by resurrecting a southern tradition transported by black migrants.

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Major auto dealer says cannabis smoking not a problem in hiring

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AutoNation, the largest U.S. auto-dealer chain relaxes hiring policy for applicants who test positive for cannabis in drug screenings.

Non-hires for other illegal drug substances are still part of the policy for AutoNation.

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Banking on green: Credit unions and community banks cultivate banking services for cannabis industry

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The new year ushered in greener pastures, as marijuana laws decriminalized cannabis use in multiple states.

Therein lies a significant hurdle: banking.

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Marijuana law in the age of the green rush

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The rise of marijuana lawyers or the practice of cannabis law expands across the US, as the American green rush grows.

As states slowly begin to pass laws and decriminalize marijuana use; others fight cannabis law and related cases.

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Explosion at Detroit marijuana grow house reveals budding industry

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An explosion at a marijuana grow house in Detroit kills one person on Monday night.

Fire authorities say that a tank containing oxygen, acetylene or nitrogen exploded, causing the building to shake.

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