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New developments allege an increased death toll, unused government funds in Flint

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Misrepresentation in data findings and contentions about underused state resources still plague a Michigan city four years after its water crisis.

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The ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ is dead: Women continue to run for office in record numbers

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Women are running in record numbers. This is what it looks like.

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Virginia’s wall against Trump grows stronger: Charlottesville elects first black woman mayor

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Charlottesville mayor-elect, Nakuyah Walker.

“Tiki Torch Bearers Beware” should be a billboard posted in the entry of Charlottesville, Va.

The next time white nationalists consider bombarding the city with a racist-based campaign, they will realize that they just put a black woman in office with locs to change a fractured city.

Last week, Charlottesville made history with two firsts. The city’s voters elected their first independent who is also the first African American female mayor, Nakuyah Walker.

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