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Sisters honor Cuban heritage with first cigar company owned by black women

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In Yoruba, Yvette and Yvonne Rodriguez are called, ibeji, a name for twins.

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Reflections on Oprah for president | Think Piece

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KNOCK. IT. OFF. You know good and well that #Oprah2020 is a terrible idea that must not be given any more life.

And no, I am not about to launch into a personal attack on Oprah. Some of y’all get too excited about attacking Black women. Comin’ for Oprah’s neck like she announced she was running.

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High visibility, low probability: Oprah’s name carries weight, but POTUS might not be a life goal

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I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey will run because she respects the process of government and knows that it is not her lane.

But her endorsement carries a lot of weight. 

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As Cynthia is for Oprah: how we fail powerful black women who break the mold

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For years, I rarely told people that I worked for US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

At first, it was because I was concerned for my safety. Then I feared for my reputation. And after those feelings dissipated, I was embarrassed because I failed her, and in ways failed me.

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The purge: Israel gives African migrants two options – leave or jail

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Israeli right-wing dominant government works to remove African refugees.

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Back to black: shea moisture co-founder acquires Essence magazine

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Hair and body care entrepreneur, Richelieu Dennis announced the acquisition of Essence magazine.

With the business venture, Dennis turns the iconic publication that is one of a handful of black-focused print magazines, back to 100 percent black ownership.
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Phoenix rising: The story of Tyleshay Jones

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Shedding her old self to be anew
The phoenix rises from the ashes
Leaving behind layers of thick, weary skin
Dawning feathers of light, she floats into the sun
Firebird tails, laughter floating from a golden beak
Claws clipped like blinged-out wingtips
Turning heads, yet keeping focus
She’s got stories to tell and people to heal — K. Shivers

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This holiday, invest in a black woman | Think Piece

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After the historic gubernatorial win in Alabama showed overwhelmingly high percentages of Black voters with women casting ballots backing a Democratic candidate at almost 100 percent, many mull over ways to galvanize the energy and momentum of that race.

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