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Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, busted for hiding gun arms shares, list grows of unethical practices by Trump cabinet

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Washington, DC. Ryan Zinke is sworn-in to testify before the US Senate Committee on Energy and Commerce as it holds a hearing considering confirmation of his appointment to be US Secretary of the Interior. Credit: MediaPunch Inc/Alamy Live News

In the midst of gun reform, investigations expose that Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke hid his ownership of 1,000 shares in a private firearms company.

Zinke owns holdings in PROOF, a Whitefish, Montana firearms research and manufacturing company of rifles, barrels and gun stocks. However, he failed to report his investments in a mandatory disclosure form that he submitted to the Office of Government Ethics in January 2017.

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Disemboweled: Haiti endures decades of foul foreign hostilities and policies

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Perhaps I am more disconcerted at the fact that one day in my high school class, I heard a 16-year-old white male child suggest that the U.S. should just go into Haiti with “guns-a-blazing and take over the country.”

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Koch network and Trump are bedfellows again

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A network of donors founded by billionaires Charles Francis de Ganahl and David Koch expressed their approval of Donald Trump at a gathering this weekend in Palm Springs, California.

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Reflections on Oprah for president | Think Piece

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KNOCK. IT. OFF. You know good and well that #Oprah2020 is a terrible idea that must not be given any more life.

And no, I am not about to launch into a personal attack on Oprah. Some of y’all get too excited about attacking Black women. Comin’ for Oprah’s neck like she announced she was running.

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High visibility, low probability: Oprah’s name carries weight, but POTUS might not be a life goal

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I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey will run because she respects the process of government and knows that it is not her lane.

But her endorsement carries a lot of weight. 

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As Cynthia is for Oprah: how we fail powerful black women who break the mold

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For years, I rarely told people that I worked for US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

At first, it was because I was concerned for my safety. Then I feared for my reputation. And after those feelings dissipated, I was embarrassed because I failed her, and in ways failed me.

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Have journalists learned nothing from 2016

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Oprah gave a dope acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony. The fact that we now have a national conversation about her fitness for the Presidency says more about the news media than it does about her.

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Trump signs MLK proclamation, reporter asks ‘are you a racist?’

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Washington, DC. — One day after dehumanizing remarks made by President Donald Trump, he signed a proclamation for the federal holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.

Reporters questioned his comments prior sordid comments.

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Irish and undocumented: Ireland’s émigrés dodged deportation until the Trump era

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11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. 50,000 of them are Irish.

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U.S. fails to cut the check for refugee agency helping Palestinians

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Lives of thousands of Palestinians sit in a more fragile state as a refugee agency reports that the U.S. did not disperse a $120 million promised payment.

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