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From re-entry to radical self care: The professional and personal journey of a social justice professor

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“What we have to do is radically shift our perceptions of what it means to take care of ourselves . . . let’s take care of ourselves the way we take care of everybody else.”

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20 facts about mothers in the United States that you should know

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Mothers and motherhood are simultaneously highly celebrated and disregarded in their contributions in and outside of the home. The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, with interesting data on mothers.

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Not funny: Viral video of boy being hit in the face make rounds on Facebook | Think Piece

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I routinely encounter disturbing videos in my Facebook news feed. Most aren’t worth acknowledging.

But a video of a little black boy named Josiah being hit in the face with a church program because he was yelling into his mother’s phone during church service, elicited a more urgent reaction. He was doing what small children do when they’re made to sit still and listen to loud music and adults yell for 2-3 hours. For any small child (and some adults), that is torture.

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Phoenix rising: The story of Tyleshay Jones

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Shedding her old self to be anew
The phoenix rises from the ashes
Leaving behind layers of thick, weary skin
Dawning feathers of light, she floats into the sun
Firebird tails, laughter floating from a golden beak
Claws clipped like blinged-out wingtips
Turning heads, yet keeping focus
She’s got stories to tell and people to heal — K. Shivers

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