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You shall not pass: Travel ban deemed constitutional by US Supreme Court

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On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in upholding the constitutionality of the long-contested Trump Administration travel ban, in the case of Trump v. Hawaii.

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Poor righteous documents: legendary photographer and educator, Jamel Shabazz, pt. 1

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Iconic photographer and pioneer of street style photography, Jamel Shabazz, builds with Ark Republic on his purpose and the power of photography as a medium.

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Toledo women’s group declares an ‘International Hijab Day’

in Africa & the Diaspora/Beauty & Aesthetic by
Ahmed Carter

Turban, tignon, gele, veil, duku, head scarf, al-amira, hijab—all traditions from different parts of the world in which women adorn their crowns.

And on any given day, you can see the array of cultural and religious halos in Toledo. As a result, a women’s organization in northwestern Ohio city noticed the growing trend of women wearing more head wraps and decided to put on a day honoring head wraps.

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U.S. fails to cut the check for refugee agency helping Palestinians

in World Affairs by

Lives of thousands of Palestinians sit in a more fragile state as a refugee agency reports that the U.S. did not disperse a $120 million promised payment.

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African slave trade in Libya is old business in Arabia

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The Libyan city of Sabha has turned into the collector of Sub-Saharan African bones. After treks across the desert through North Africa then sailing on the Mediterranean to Europe, many hopeful immigrants’ bodies turn up in the overflowing local morgue.

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