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The ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ is dead: Women continue to run for office in record numbers

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Women are running in record numbers. This is what it looks like.

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To drink or not to drink: Advocacy group prepares to sue Newark over elevated lead levels in water

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As Newark, N.J. grows, it must deal with a serious dilemma: water.

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For Hawwa Muhammad, good works organizations are the lifeblood of communities: She makes sure that they thrive

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For many non-profits, completing projects or navigating solutions with a sustainable model are the heart of growth. This is where the non-profit whisperer, Hawwa Muhammaed comes in.

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A seat at the table: An interview with emcee-turned-political candidate, Dupré Kelly

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A Newark, New Jersey hip hop artist from the Golden Age of Hip Hop takes on politics as a candidate in the fiercely competitive Council-At-Large position in the upcoming May 8 elections.

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Renowned tap dancer turns foreclosed buildings into dance academy

in Arts & Culture by
Savion Glover

A red Porsche sits on Brunswick Street, a bumpy, ill-repaired road just one block south of Clinton Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. Gentrification has not made it here.

The luxury car seems out-of-place as it sits in front of a nondescript brown building in the Central Ward snuggled between the grassy-gravel parking lot of an abandoned church and a modest two-family home. Across the street is low income, public housing.

The Porsche and other expensive varieties park there several days a week, untouched for the last several years. The owner, Savion Glover, inheritor of the hoofer legacy (hoofer is the proper name for a tap dancer) and who is known as one of the top performing artists in the world today, parks his cars there because just like him, they belong.

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Newark’s BlueBerry Cafe provides vegan options in an unlikely place

in Arts & Culture/Health & Wellness by

Blueberry Cafe, a vegan eatery nestles itself in a Boost Mobile and doobie hair salon on Central Avenue.

Just around the corner are several traps. It might appear to be odd to have a healthy cafe in the heart of Newark, Nj., but the people deserve the right to eat to live.

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Gantalism outpost delves into the world of genius

in Arts & Culture by

Jerry Gant’s name is synonymous with Newark Art.

From his street hieroglyphs painted on light posts and leaves throughout the city, to murals and sculptures decorating the wards, Gant opened his personal gallery into an interactive space this weekend in, The Gantalism Outpost.

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Phoenix rising: the story of Tyleshay Jones

in Career & Retirement/Feature/Highlights by

Shedding her old self to be anew
The phoenix rises from the ashes
Leaving behind layers of thick, weary skin
Dawning feathers of light, she floats into the sun
Firebird tails, laughter floating from a golden beak
Claws clipped like blinged-out wingtips
Turning heads, yet keeping focus
She’s got stories to tell and people to heal — K. Shivers

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Gladys Barker Grauer: speaking her mind then and now

in Arts & Culture by

Have you ever met a Queen Mother in flesh and blood. I have.

I even touched the hem of her garments on a balmy fall night in Newark, New Jersey.

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The intersection of fashion, race & activism: Larry Lyons

in Lifestyle & Travel by

Larry Lyons, historian turned photographer turned fashion aficionado fell in love with Newark, New Jersey when he began to explore its history of fashion and how it intersects its history of radical politics. Today, the city is his muse while photographing urban fashion.

A doctoral student at Princeton University, he talks about the nuances of fashion often missed in the dialogue of commercial fashion.

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