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New Jersey’s Ramapough Lunaape fight for Constitutional protections and state recognition

in Highlights/Native and Indigenous People/Politics & Social Justice by

While Mahwah Township tries to prevent the local Native tribe from participating in their outdoor prayer ceremonies and the state government attempts to usurp their recognition, the Ramapough Lunaape tribal members refuse the denial of their constitutional rights.

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One island, two nations divided: Drastically different outcomes in times of natural disasters for Haiti and the Dominican Republic

in Hurricane Trifecta/Major Collaborative Project by

Two centuries of political and ethnic battles keep two nations sharing the same island, at odds, even during crises and rebuilding efforts.

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Iciline Brown: Windrush Generation Story | Film Doc

in Africa & the Diaspora/Immigration & Migration by

A family of siblings document the journey of fighting for their immigrant mother, Iciline Brown, to gain reentry into the UK, in which she used to reside as a legal resident.

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Woman wrangled to the floor in Waffle House found guilty of disorderly conduct

in Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

“My heart is full of rage and anger!!! Lord, please help me!!!!” The tweet sent by 25-year-old Chikesia Clemmons after a Mobile County Circuit Court judge ruled that she was guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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You shall not pass: Travel ban deemed constitutional by US Supreme Court

in Government & Policy/Immigration & Migration by

On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in upholding the constitutionality of the long-contested Trump Administration travel ban, in the case of Trump v. Hawaii.

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Starbucks’ bias training and the costs to protect a brand | Think Piece

in Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

A lesson in making human decency company policy.

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Prejudiced, Hateful and Degreed: PhDs, racial dissonance, and the culture of indifference in academia | Think Piece

in Race and Ethnicity by

Having a Ph.D. doesn’t make you immune from racism, it just means you have the logic and diction to justify it.

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#NativeVote18: First Nation peoples running for elected offices in record numbers

in Politics & Social Justice by

Since the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and election of Donald Trump, the participation of Native people in electoral politics has increased.

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Kanye West, we just want you to make G.O.O.D music | Think Piece

in Arts & Culture by

Brother West. Beloved. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.

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Black Yale grad student records police interrogation for napping in a common dormitory room

in Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

A Black graduate student fell asleep in the common area of her dormitory. She awoke to a racially charged encounter, but invoked a promise she made to herself after seeing what happened to motorist Sandra Bland years before in a Texas traffic stop.

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