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A seat at the table: An interview with emcee-turned-political candidate, Dupré Kelly

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A Newark, New Jersey hip hop artist from the Golden Age of Hip Hop takes on politics as a candidate in the fiercely competitive Council-At-Large position in the upcoming May 8 elections.

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US Administration considers plan to drug test some food stamp recipients

in Feature/Government & Policy by

A plan under review by Donald Trump’s administration would allow states to require a percentage of food stamp recipients to undergo mandatory drug testing, the Associated Press reported.

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Republican senator comes under fire after “Swahili” reference during Facebook hearings

in Privacy & Surveillance/Race and Ethnicity by

John Kennedy: “I have nothing to apologize for.”

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Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, busted for hiding gun arms shares, list grows of unethical practices by Trump cabinet

in Government & Policy by
Washington, DC. Ryan Zinke is sworn-in to testify before the US Senate Committee on Energy and Commerce as it holds a hearing considering confirmation of his appointment to be US Secretary of the Interior. Credit: MediaPunch Inc/Alamy Live News

In the midst of gun reform, investigations expose that Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke hid his ownership of 1,000 shares in a private firearms company.

Zinke owns holdings in PROOF, a Whitefish, Montana firearms research and manufacturing company of rifles, barrels and gun stocks. However, he failed to report his investments in a mandatory disclosure form that he submitted to the Office of Government Ethics in January 2017.

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Disemboweled: Haiti endures decades of foul foreign hostilities and policies

in Africa & the Diaspora/Highlights/World Affairs by

Perhaps I am more disconcerted at the fact that one day in my high school class, I heard a 16-year-old white male child suggest that the U.S. should just go into Haiti with “guns-a-blazing and take over the country.”

Imagine the initial shock, rage and disbelief I endured in trying not to lose my everlasting mind. I mean, given the circumstances that I am the only Black male educator on staff, I knew that my reaction would be heavily scrutinized by the progenitors of the loyal, supports of Trump. Hey, it was a tight situation.

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Seattle ICE lawyer charged with stealing immigrant IDs

in Immigration & Migration by

Raphael A. Sanchez, the chief counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Seattle has been arrested for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft of multiple immigrants. 

The Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section believes that Sanchez deceived seven immigrants going through immigration proceedings in order to defraud banks with taking out multiple credit cards.

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Have journalists learned nothing from 2016

in Media & Journalism by

Oprah gave a dope acceptance speech at the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony. The fact that we now have a national conversation about her fitness for the Presidency says more about the news media than it does about her.

I suppose it was a welcome diversion from obsessing over Donald Trump’s latest confounding utterance or chronicling the buckling of our democratic norms.

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U.S. fails to cut the check for refugee agency helping Palestinians

in World Affairs by

Lives of thousands of Palestinians sit in a more fragile state as a refugee agency reports that the U.S. did not disperse a $120 million promised payment.

The failed delivery follows a threat issued by Donald Trump and U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley that aid would be cut when Palestinians and others denounced the U.S. Administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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US home prices climb, exceeds wage growth

in Market & Currency by

The average prices of homes rose 6.2 percent from a year ago, seeking a robust increase in real estate. However, price gains potentially see more residents staying as renters than buyers

With booming job markets in metro areas, home price increases are the steepest, but wage growth lags behind.

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Tax reform bill almost a law

in Government & Policy by

In the early hours, Senate Republicans passed the controversial tax reform bill, and sent it over to the House for its final vote in an expected approval Wednesday morning.

The pending tax codes are the largest reform in over three decades. While most Americans disagree, the Republican majority in both Congressional branches pushed through legislation that many surmise will have severe long term negative effects.

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