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Neighbor calls cops on a group of mostly Black AirBnb guests: One of them happened to be Bob Marley’s granddaughter

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AirBnb still grapples with racism, but shows the ongoing issue of the profiling of Black people.

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‘Only in L.A.’ explores the extensive public transportation system of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles holds close to 4 million people and covers 468 square miles.

It sits in LA County, which holds 88 municipalities and covers ten times more terrain, about 4,750 square miles. While the city holds 3,976,322 people, the county’s population as of 2017 bumped up to 10 million inhabitants. Just how does a population of 10 million navigate the cityscapes of the Southern California basin?

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Norwegian Cruise Line under fire for sailing through massive winter storm

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Enjoyment was the furthest thing for passengers aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) Breakaway ship sailing to New York this week from a Caribbean holiday.

Cruise officials sailed through a massive winter blizzard this week creating a harrowing nightmare for the 4,000 passengers and crew members.

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Thousands of passengers express outrage, left stranded at JFK following winter storm

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Yesterday morning, a two plane collision sent an already backlogged John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport into further delays.

The accident caused more chaos as thousands of disgruntled passengers tried to travel after the New Year’s holiday winter storm. A multi-day madness for airport workers and passengers showed growing weaknesses in the bustling departure point.

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AirBnb gentrification: the not-so-sharing economy

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When AirBnb launched the age-old idea of swapping housing or privately renting out quarters via a digital app, it was a revolutionary economic act.

Now as the short term rental industry expands, the complexions of cities change. On one hand, residents must share space for those looking for an “authentic” experience. In another light, renters who grew AirBnB must compete with aggressive property owners and real estate developers.

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US Customs officers on trial for ‘rape table’

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“Rape table” at Terminal C in Newark Airport is a major crime scene in a federal court case involving three U.S. customs officers, Tito Catota, 38, Parmenio Perez, 40, and Michael Papagni, 32, all of New Jersey, were arrested in September and are on trial for sexual assault involving a hazing ritual simulating sex upon other Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers.

Assaults described as entering a room where lights were turned off as others groped and help individuals down in a simulated sex act that happened to both male and female CBP officers. One woman recounts a gun being placed to her head. Complaints filed show assaults happened for years.

Now, if this happened to officers, what do they do to passengers?

Orange moons in Sicily

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Agriculture, and in particular, organic production of grapes, almonds, and durum wheat (the base for pasta) are the core of Sicily’s farming, but you cannot experience the Mediterranean culture on your palate until you eat an orange.

Located in southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, it has a year-round mild climate. Because of the mild climate, Sicily can grow citrus fruits 10 months out of the year. With that, Regione Siciliana produces 50 percent of the island’s fruit.

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