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Ireland set to vote on historic abortion referendum

in Government & Policy/Religion & Spirituality/World Affairs by

In one of the most conservative European countries on reproductive rights, Ireland will vote on a woman’s right to choose.

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Oxfam loses support for staffers forcing sex work in Haiti, Chad

in Africa & the Diaspora/Non-Profit & Philanthropy by

UK-based charity, Oxfam reels in scandal after staff in two impoverished, black countries were accused of sexual misconduct.

Volunteers and employees paid sex workers and forced Haitians to trade sex for aid during the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Four employees were fired, while three resigned.

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Britain’s first black-owned cigar line

in Lifestyle & Travel by

Between daily trainings as a professional athlete and formulating his own beard oil, Mike Edwards hand-rolls cigars for his company, AIREYYS, the first black-owned cigar line in England.

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