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Britain’s Windrush Generation scandal: Predictions, reflections and solutions

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After living and working in the UK for over fifty years, the Windrush Generation continues to fight against Britain’s deportation efforts.

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Iciline Brown: Windrush Generation Story | Film Doc

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A family of siblings document the journey of fighting for their immigrant mother, Iciline Brown, to gain reentry into the UK, in which she used to reside as a legal resident.

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Ireland set to vote on historic abortion referendum

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In one of the most conservative European countries on reproductive rights, Ireland will vote on a woman’s right to choose.

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Oxfam loses support for staffers forcing sex work in Haiti, Chad

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UK-based charity, Oxfam reels in scandal after staff in two impoverished, black countries were accused of sexual misconduct.

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Britain’s first black-owned cigar line

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Between daily trainings as a professional athlete and formulating his own beard oil, Mike Edwards hand-rolls cigars for his company, AIREYYS, the first black-owned cigar line in England.

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