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Iciline Brown: Windrush Generation Story | Film Doc

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A family of siblings document the journey of fighting for their immigrant mother, Iciline Brown, to gain reentry into the UK, in which she used to reside as a legal resident.

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To detain and deport: A racist UK history revisited in Windrush Scandal | Think Piece

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July 1596. In Peter Fryer’s book Staying Power, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I sends correspondence to the Lord Mayor of London and other aldermen with the explicit suggestion “… that those kinde of people should be sent forth of the lande…”

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Black Yale grad student records police interrogation for napping in a common dormitory room

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A Black graduate student fell asleep in the common area of her dormitory. She awoke to a racially charged encounter, but invoked a promise she made to herself after seeing what happened to motorist Sandra Bland years before in a Texas traffic stop.

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Can we claim Wakanda? Race, writings, and the 2020 Census | Think Piece

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How recent publications on race can help us think through the U.S. Census changes.

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Irish and undocumented: Ireland’s émigrés dodged deportation until the Trump era

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11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. 50,000 of them are Irish.

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