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Fine-dining chef collective conjures complex meals over tough conversations for a good time in culinary pop ups

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When five Black chefs and a restaurateur in Charlotte, North Carolina decided to host pop up dinners called Soulfood Sessions, they did not expect the overflow of public response.

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Juneteenth: The celebration that defines America’s soul | Think Piece

in History/Race and Ethnicity by

Maya Angelou said, “Hold those things that tell your history and protect them.”

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Eat Black, Stay Safe: eatOkra App

in Business & Technology/Food & Drink/Highlights by

The re-emergence of racist and sometimes violent encounters between Black customers and restaurant workers motivated a military veteran to create an app for safe eating spaces and experiences.

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Finding fatherhood: how to be a father in my fatherless world

in Family & Parenthood by

After years of grappling with an almost non-existent relationship with my father, I stare fatherhood in the face with daily struggles and questions. I fight to find clarity, balance and guidance while navigating the waters of fatherhood and masculinity.

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Trading her car for city transit took a commuter on a lifelong mission for better alternatives in transportation

in Highlights/Urban Planning & Policy by

A close encounter with inequitable transportation in Los Angeles prompted Lark Lo to challenge the instability of the US infrastructure.

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Remembering Kalief Browder means bringing forth talks of prison abolition

in Highlights/Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

Three years after Kalief Browder took his life following the traumatic experience of being detained for 1,120 days in Riker’s Island jail, with more than 800 of them in solitary confinement, we need to move towards prison abolition.

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‘Fair Kitchens’ initiative works to remove the pressure-cooker atmosphere in a stressful food industry

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways/Health & Wellness by

Private-Public partnership creates movement seeking to change the food industry for culinary workers in-and-out of the kitchen.

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