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Growing racially hostile climate makes homeschooling a viable option for Black parents | Think Piece

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With the heightened concerns of increasing issues in traditional schools, Black parents look to alternative, home-education.

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Grinds, grooves and grassroots: Best POC coffee shops South Atlantic region

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Ark Republic finishes its “Best of coffee shops” series by heading to the land of Andre 3000, go-go and Baltimore club music.

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To detain and deport: A racist UK history revisited in Windrush Scandal | Think Piece

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July 1596. In Peter Fryer’s book Staying Power, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth I sends correspondence to the Lord Mayor of London and other aldermen with the explicit suggestion “… that those kinde of people should be sent forth of the lande…”

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Soulful and infectious reflections of Ethiopian food and music

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As more Ethiopians immigrate to the US, their culture blooms while retaining its unique identity.

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This Woman’s Work: WNBA game forfeiture indicates continued issues with the gender pay gap

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A gruesome travel experience for Women’s National Basketball Association’s (WNBA) team, Las Vegas Aces, prompted the professional women’s basketball franchise to cancel a crucial game last Friday against the Washington Mystics.

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South Africa is on the precipice of a land reform bill restoring Black ownership

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In one of the most controversial pieces of legislation since the dismantling of Apartheid, the government works to amend its constitution to include land expropriation. The amendment removes private, white ownership of previously confiscated indigenous Black terrain.

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New developments allege an increased death toll, unused government funds in Flint

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Misrepresentation in data findings and contentions about underused state resources still plague a Michigan city four years after its water crisis.

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Caffeine for the people, by the people: Best POC coffeeshops series

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Away from the mainstream dosages of cash cropped French press, stale bagels and GMO macchiatos, these shops and cafes serve drip drops of cupped lighting with the understanding that every espresso served, often keeps their doors open and hires local folk.

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Keep calm, drink on: Best of POC coffeeshops South Central region

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“Sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning,” croons singer Miguel when he gave a new meaning to coffee, in his song with same name. Coffee, without a doubt, gives people the energy that they need after hard nights and deep sleeps, but who supplies this legal high?

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Get Your Java On: Best of POC coffeeshops Central region

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Something as a simple cup of coffee can draw a fine line between recharging your batteries or being escorted out of a Starbucks in handcuffs.

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