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Town hall tackles sexual assault featuring NYC Commissioners

in Ark Republic Events/Highlights/Politics & Social Justice by

Ark Republic partners with women-lead companies for a town hall to discuss the prevalent issues around sexual assault and harassment.

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Día de los Muertos, a Latin American tradition making death a colorful holiday

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  • dia-de-la-muertos.jpg
    Mission San Luis Rey, CA - 28 October 2018: Older woman with sugar skull (Catrina) makeup at Day of the Dead celebration (Dia de los Muertos)
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  • dia-de-la-muertos-salvador-altamirano-.jpg

In the 1970s, Chicano activists brought Mexican traditions honoring the dead to the United States. Decades later, skeletons and cemetery celebrations are the norm in some cities.

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The world mourns the passing of a Queen, Aretha Franklin

in Arts & Culture/In Memoria by

Legendary soul singer, Aretha Franklin passed away Thursday morning at 9:50 am in her Detroit home. She was 76.

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South Africa is on the precipice of a land reform bill restoring Black ownership

in Africa & the Diaspora/Government & Policy by

In one of the most controversial pieces of legislation since the dismantling of Apartheid, the government works to amend its constitution to include land expropriation. The amendment removes private, white ownership of previously confiscated indigenous Black terrain.

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Caribbean countries make more moves towards renewable energy

in Caribbean by

For those in the Caribbean, the best solution to a murky economy just might be shining right over their heads.

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Woman wrangled to the floor in Waffle House found guilty of disorderly conduct

in Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

“My heart is full of rage and anger!!! Lord, please help me!!!!” The tweet sent by 25-year-old Chikesia Clemmons after a Mobile County Circuit Court judge ruled that she was guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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BART stabbings rock Bay Area community, suspect arrested

in Crime by

Bay Area attacks keep Oakland on edge as some believe that the assault is a hate crime.

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Israeli government passes neo-Apartheid law granting Jewish-only rights

in World Affairs by

Retractors of new law says that Israeli Administration’s declaration of a “nation-state of the Jewish people” is racist and discriminatory.

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A world without cars: Bike advocates challenge car-centric cities

in Urban Planning & Policy by

As the use of cars grow, transportation alternatives become imminent.

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Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ statements backfire in lawsuit challenging TPS removal

in Government & Policy/Immigration & Migration by

Lawsuit filed by Haitian and Salvadoran immigrants given nod to move forward.

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