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Beyond the Hurricanes: The quest to grant US territories statehood

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To be or not to be a state? After the 2017 hurricanes, the question of statehood for US territories, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, have different perspectives.

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‘Let us make our nation great again’: Severely damaged Caribbean islands by last year’s hurricanes struggle to recover

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A year has passed since a trio of hurricanes—Harvey, Irma and Maria—pummeled parts of the United States and the Caribbean, leaving death and destruction and ravaging these areas with property damage skyrocketing into the hundreds of billions and leaving, in some cases, whole islands uninhabitable.

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Stereotypes and milestones: The rise of the Black age of comics

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In the beginning of the comics industry, where Black folk were present they were depicted Blackface. Then creators and trailblazers of the Black comics age disrupted misrepresentations of African-Americans and the Diaspora by carving out a visible space in the industry.

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‘Black Panther’ is just the beginning: The history and future of the Black Comic Book movement

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While Marvel and DC Comics are doing a pretty good job of finally trying to erase the race line when it comes to its heroes of color, there are others who have been creating socially and culturally relevant comic book characters for years.

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