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Howard law professor’s commitment to a fair trial takes the justice system to task

in Politics & Social Justice by

“It is gratifying to hold systems accountable.”

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Legacy Museum and Memorial explores racial terror through interactive art

in Ark Weekender/Arts & Culture/Highlights by

In the heart of the deep south, in Montgomery, Alabama, public interest attorney and social justice stalwart, Bryan Stevenson, earmarked a part of US history and present reality that many want to forget.

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Entrepreneurs turn their love for art into pop ups that stimulate local economies

in Ark Weekender/Arts & Culture by

The underwhelming promotion of local artists caused these art aficionados to create pop ups to give shine where needed. They ended up expanding their careers in turn.

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We will not be moved: In response to violence against the Press | Think Piece

in Highlights/Media & Journalism by

From the shooting deaths of five press members at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday, June 28, questions, shock and blame emerge.

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Fine-dining chef collective conjures complex meals over tough conversations at pop ups

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways by

When five Black chefs and a restaurateur in Charlotte, North Carolina decided to host pop up dinners called Soulfood Sessions, they did not expect the overflow of public response.

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Trading her car for city transit took a commuter on a lifelong mission for better alternatives in transportation

in Urban Planning & Policy by

A close encounter with inequitable transportation in Los Angeles prompted Lark Lo to challenge the instability of the US infrastructure.

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Remembering Kalief Browder means bringing forth talks of prison abolition

in Politics & Social Justice/Race and Ethnicity by

Three years after Kalief Browder took his life following the traumatic experience of being detained for 1,120 days in Riker’s Island jail, with more than 800 of them in solitary confinement, we need to move towards prison abolition.

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Stacey Abrams victorious in Georgia’s Democratic primary for Governor

in Politics & Social Justice by

Fresh from a historical victory, now she prepares for the biggest campaign of her life.

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San Francisco chef uses pop ups to preserve and educate the deeper, darker sides of America’s culinary history

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways/Highlights by

For Chef Wanda Blake, cooking is more than a trade, it is a spiritual calling to preserve and teach a tradition often homogenized under the term “soul food.” Her pop ups show the complexities of Black cooks in America, and the growing initiative to maintain their culinary history.

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The ‘Good Ole Boys Club’ is dead: Women continue to run for office in record numbers

in Highlights/Politics & Social Justice by

Women are running in record numbers. This is what it looks like.

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