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New Jersey’s Ramapough Lunaape fight for Constitutional protections and state recognition

in Native and Indigenous People/Politics & Social Justice by

While Mahwah Township tries to prevent the local Native tribe from participating in their outdoor prayer ceremonies and the state government attempts to usurp their recognition, the Ramapough Lunaape tribal members refuse the denial of their constitutional rights.

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You gotta have faith: Islamic and Jewish groups opened their doors to the poor and tired during Hurricane Harvey

in Crisis & Natural Disasters/Hurricane Trifecta/Major Collaborative Project by

In the Bible Belt, non-Christian, faith-based groups used their doctrines of goodwill to participate in rescue and relief efforts during and after Hurricane Harvey, even when a major church closed its doors to its congregation.

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Soulful and infectious reflections of Ethiopian food and music

in Africa & the Diaspora/Ark Weekender by

As more Ethiopians immigrate to the US, their culture blooms while retaining its unique identity.

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Get Your Java On: Best of POC coffeeshops Central region

in Ark Weekender/Lifestyle & Travel by

Something as a simple cup of coffee can draw a fine line between recharging your batteries or being escorted out of a Starbucks in handcuffs.

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The future of Trenton’s annual arts festival is brought to question in rise of recent shooting

in Arts & Culture by

A deadly gunfight in the middle of the most attended art fest in Trenton leaves a shaken city that has been working to regain footing from years of instability.

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