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Island of continued enchantment: Puerto Rico’s rise from the ashes of Hurricane Maria

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Mother Nature has a habit if throwing hard blows and sucker punches at unsuspecting countries. The summer of 2017 was a prime example, as it was not one, but three hurricanes that ravaged the Caribbean and the southern United States.

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Reconstructing Houston one house at a time

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When major disasters strike, some professional athletes like J.J. Watt use their platforms to provide aid.

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From coast to coast, the best coffee roast: Best POC coffeeshops in the West North Central region

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Modest-sized cities in the Midwest have been attracting people leaving large metropolises for something more manageable. With the migrations come the change of neighborhoods. These coffeeshops work to highlight the diverse populations and brew choices in the area.

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Colombia is as complex as its food and music, and so is the Diaspora

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When people think of Colombia, two things usually come to mind: Pablo Escobar and cocaína. However, Colombia and its people are so much more than that.

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