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Eat Black, Stay Safe: eatOkra App

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The re-emergence of racist and sometimes violent encounters between Black customers and restaurant workers motivated a military veteran to create an app for safe eating spaces and experiences.

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‘Fair Kitchens’ initiative works to remove the pressure-cooker atmosphere in a stressful food industry

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Private-Public partnership creates movement seeking to change the food industry for culinary workers in-and-out of the kitchen.

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Starbucks’ bias training and the costs to protect a brand | Think Piece

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A lesson in making human decency company policy.

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‘Suck it Up’: Black women culinary professionals and the culture of silence

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Taught to be stalwart in dealing with stress and wellness, Black women are the least likely to speak up about what’s ailing them in culinary environments.

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Woolworth’s to Waffle House: Black women, food service, and a history of refusal

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On the same day Travis Reinking shot four people to death, including one Black woman in a Tennessee Waffle House, disturbing cellphone footage circulated on social media of 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons being wrestled to the floor and threatened by uniformed police officers in a Saraland, Alabama Waffle House.

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Representation matters: food books by African American authors

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More than a culinary manual, African American cookbooks serve as critical texts in understanding history, culture and power.

Written between formulas are often stories of liberation, family and enterprise.

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Black women, food and power: 5 women evangelizing food entrepreneurship

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From scholarship to grassroots movements, African American women are exercising agency to feed communities. It’s a heritage thing.

When our foremothers exited enslavement, they walked into the question of survival. Food was often the answer.

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A hunger not found on Instagram

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I was hungry and playing on Instagram.

It was too late to forage food outside, so I looked at food photographs. No, it did not satisfy my hunger, instead it made me think.

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