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Yolanda Aguilera

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Say something in Spanish: Code switching for an Afro-Cubana in a mixed Millennial era

in Africa & the Diaspora/Highlights/Latin America/Race and Ethnicity by

In the historically contentious racial atmosphere of the US and Latin America, the dichotomy of being an Afro-Insert-Here while navigating the new generational terrain creates anxiety, confusion, and social erasure.

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Cuba’s historic elections are a ploy to maintain control in changing political landscape | Think Piece

in Highlights/Politics & Social Justice/World Affairs by

For the first time in Cuba’s 116 year history, two Black women hold positions in the executive branch of government.

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Gunman shoots up Capital Gazette newsroom in Maryland

in Media & Journalism by

Five employees of the Capital Gazette are murdered by gunman said to carry a grudge. The paper continues to operate after bloody tragedy.

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You shall not pass: Travel ban deemed constitutional by US Supreme Court

in Government & Policy/Immigration & Migration by

On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in upholding the constitutionality of the long-contested Trump Administration travel ban, in the case of Trump v. Hawaii.

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CBC briefing on the DRC crisis ignites tension

in Africa & the Diaspora/World Affairs by

Forum gets heated in talking about deteriorating conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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To drink or not to drink: Advocacy group prepares to sue Newark over elevated lead levels in water

in Environment & Ecology by

As Newark, N.J. grows, it must deal with a serious dilemma: water.

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Peaceful May Day marchers in Puerto Rico tear-gassed by police

in Highlights/Latin America/Politics & Social Justice by

Daylong rallies of large numbers of teachers, social workers, students and activists culminated in law enforcement using aggressive tactics to disperse crowds.

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