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Guatemalan volcanic eruption increases fears of the “Ring of Fire”

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Authorities scramble to rescue people trapped under the remains of one of Central America’s largest volcanic eruptions in decades. Others wonder if this is the beginning of the “ring of fire.”

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Mother’s Day Protest in Nicaragua turns bloody

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Six weeks of demonstrations with violent encounters of police continues. More reported deaths during a Mother’s Day march incite outcries of Human Rights violations.

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Peaceful May Day marchers in Puerto Rico tear-gassed by police

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Daylong rallies of large numbers of teachers, social workers, students and activists culminated in law enforcement using aggressive tactics to disperse crowds.

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Mass exodus out of crisis-torn Venezuela continues

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Scores of Venezuelans leave for Columbia and Brazil, as an economic-crisis in the oil-rich South American country persists.

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Puerto Ricans push back against the privatization of schools

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In the midst of residents picking up the pieces of their lives from the rumble of two category 5 hurricanes, they find themselves in another storm — fighting the looming possibility of the privatization of their schools.

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Colombia aids Venezuelans fleeing food, economic crisis

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Colombia has been hosting Venezuelans fleeing the country from a serious food shortage and economic crisis.

Since 2016, the neighboring Colombia offered visas to Venezuelans seeking refuge.

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Feminist, indigenous woman runs for president of Mexico

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Indigenous political candidates in Mexico emerge to change corruption in government and electoral process. Marla de Jesus Patricio Martinez, who goes by Marichuy, travels the country seeking support from indigenous communities to run for office in 2018.

Her popularity rises as she holds a platform celebrating working class and poor indigenous people, a population Marichuy says are underrepresented in electoral politics; and often an institution excluding their participation.

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